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Do Foxes Eat Fish? (Benefits + How to Catch) 2023

As curious creatures, foxes have captured the attention of many animal lovers worldwide. These agile and cunning animals are omnivores, meaning they have a diverse diet consisting of both plants and animals. However, the question that often comes up is, “Do foxes eat fish?” Let’s dive into the research and find out.

Understanding Foxes’ Feeding Habits

Before discussing whether foxes eat fish or not, it is crucial to understand their feeding habits. Foxes are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and animals. Their diet largely depends on the availability of food and the species of fox.

Foxes eat a variety of food, including rodents, hares, birds, lemmings, reptiles, fish, frogs, voles, eggs, earthworms, caterpillars, seasonal vegetation, berries, seeds, mushrooms, and wild grasses. On average, foxes make 1-2 kills per week.

Another source, states that foxes eat small mammals, birds, eggs, insects, fish, crabs, worms, reptiles, mollusks, fruits, berries, vegetables, seeds, fungi, and carrion. Their dietary preferences vary according to the seasons and availability of food.

Do Foxes Eat Fish?

The short answer is yes, foxes do eat fish. Foxes are opportunistic animals that hunt for food depending on their environment, and bodies of water offer yet another source of potential prey. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for foxes to feed on fish if they live in an area where they have access to water sources that contain them.

However, it is essential to note that fish is not a significant part of their diet, and they usually resort to eating them only when other food sources are scarce. Foxes usually make one to two kills per week on average, so it’s not a daily occurrence for them to hunt and eat fish.

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Reasons Why Foxes Might Eat Fish

There are several reasons why foxes might eat fish. One of the main reasons is that they are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will eat whatever food is available to them in their habitat. For foxes living near rivers, lakes, or the coast, fish may be a readily available source of food.

Foxes are also known to scavenge for food, and they will eat whatever prey they can find, including dead fish. In addition, foxes have been known to steal fish from other predators, such as herons or eagles, by waiting until the predator has caught a fish and then stealing it from them.

Another reason why foxes might eat fish is that they are a good source of nutrition. Fish are high in protein, which is essential for foxes to maintain their muscle mass and overall health. Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for maintaining healthy skin and fur.

Nutritional Benefits Of Fish For Foxes

Fish provide several nutritional benefits for foxes. As mentioned earlier, fish are a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Protein is essential for foxes to build and maintain their muscle mass, and it also helps to repair tissues and maintain a healthy immune system.

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Omega-3 fatty acids are important for maintaining healthy skin and fur, and they also help to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to a range of health problems, including arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. By including fish in their diet, foxes can help to prevent these health problems and maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

In addition to protein and omega-3 fatty acids, fish are also a good source of other important nutrients, such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, and selenium. Vitamin D is important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, while vitamin B12 is essential for healthy brain function and nervous system health. Selenium is an important antioxidant that helps to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Foxes’ Fish-Eating Habits

While foxes do eat fish, their fish-eating habits vary depending on the species of fox and the availability of fish in their habitat. For instance, red foxes, the most common species of fox, are known to hunt for fish in streams and rivers, especially during the spring and summer months when fish are more abundant.

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Gray foxes, on the other hand, are known to eat a variety of food, including fruits, insects, and small mammals, but they are not as fond of fish as red foxes are. Arctic foxes, another species of fox, also eat fish when they are available, but they primarily feed on small mammals and birds.

Where Do Foxes Find Fish?

Foxes are known for their hunting prowess, especially when it comes to small prey such as mice and rabbits. However, did you know that some foxes also hunt for fish? Foxes can be found near water sources such as rivers, streams, and lakes, where they may attempt to catch fish for their meal.

Types of Water Sources

Foxes can find fish in a variety of water sources, including freshwater and saltwater. Let’s take a closer look at each of these water sources and the types of fish that can be found there.

Freshwater Sources

Foxes that live near freshwater sources such as rivers, streams, and ponds may hunt for fish such as trout, salmon, and minnows. These water sources are often stocked with fish by humans, making them an excellent source of food for foxes.

Saltwater Sources

Foxes that live near the ocean may hunt for fish such as anchovies, herring, and sand lance. These fish are typically found in shallow waters close to shore, making them accessible to foxes. Foxes may also scavenge for fish near fishing docks or on beaches where fish are left behind by fishermen.

How Foxes Catch Fish

Foxes are not typically associated with catching fish, but they are capable of doing so. There are several different ways in which foxes catch fish, including wading in shallow water and stalking the edge of the water. In some cases, they will even dive into the water to catch fish.

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Wading In Shallow Water

One of the most common ways foxes catch fish is by wading in shallow water. Foxes are able to stand in shallow water and use their paws to feel for fish swimming by. Once they locate a fish, they will quickly grab it with their teeth and pull it out of the water. This method is typically used in shallow bodies of water such as streams or ponds.

Stalking The Edge Of The Water

Another way in which foxes catch fish is by stalking the edge of the water. They will sit patiently on the edge of the water and wait for fish to come close enough for them to grab. Once they spot a fish, they will quickly charge at it and grab it with their teeth. This method is commonly used in areas with rocky shores or where the water is too deep for wading.

Diving Into The Water

In some cases, foxes will even dive into the water to catch fish. This method is typically used in deeper bodies of water where fish are not easily accessible from the shore. Foxes are capable of swimming and can hold their breath for a short period of time, which allows them to dive to the bottom of the water and catch fish.

Conclusion – Do Foxes Eat Fish

Foxes have a diverse diet, including fish. Although fish is not a significant part of their diet, foxes may resort to eating them if other food sources are scarce. It’s essential to understand that foxes’ feeding habits vary based on the season, environment, and species.


Is Fish the Only Type of Seafood Foxes Eat?

Yes, fish is not the only type of seafood that foxes eat. Foxes are known to consume other types of seafood, including crabs, mussels, and other shellfish.

Will a fox eat pond fish?

Yes, a fox will eat pond fish if it has access to them. Foxes are opportunistic predators and will consume a variety of food, including fish.

Do red foxes eat fish?

Yes, red foxes will eat fish as part of their diet. They are known to catch and eat small fish, especially during the summer months when other food sources may be scarce.

Do foxes eat small fish?

Yes, foxes will eat small fish as part of their diet. They are known to prey on small fish such as minnows and sticklebacks.

Will a fox catch fish?

Yes, foxes are capable of catching fish. They are known to hunt for fish in shallow streams or ponds and will even swim after them if necessary.

Will foxes eat goldfish?

Yes, foxes will eat goldfish if they have access to them. Goldfish are a type of pond fish and can be a part of a fox’s diet if they are available in their habitat.

What is a fox’s favorite food?

Foxes are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of food, including small mammals, birds, insects, fruits, and vegetables. Their favorite food may vary depending on the season and the availability of food in their habitat.

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